Utah Career Center – On-Going Certifications/ On- Going Professionalism

UA Smart Mark/OSHA Outreach Training and Certification

  • With CPR Certification

Medical Gas and Vacuum – NFPA 99C/Braze Certification
UA Instructors Certification
UA/MCA Foreman Certifications
Multiple Weld Certifications

Weld TestProcessSizeThicknessFiller MetalsSpecial Notes
UA-1SMAW6” Sch. 40.280”E6010Downhill Welding
UA-15GTAW2” Sch. 80.218”ER70S-2 -
UA-18AGTAWOptional SizesVariesNoneAutomatic Orbital Welding
UA-21SMAW2” XXS.436”E6010/E7018 -
UA-22GTAW & SMAW2” XXS.436”ER70S-2 / E7018 -
UA-41GTAW2” Sch. 80.218”ER309Stainless Test
UA-42GTAW & SMAW2” XXS.436”ER309/ E309-16Stainless Test
UA-60SMAW2 ¾” O.D..625”E6010/ E7018Super Coupon Test
UA-63GTAW & SMAW2 ¾” O.D..625”ER70S-2/ E7018Super Coupon Test
UA-91GTAW & SMAW2” XXS.436”ER90S-B9/ E9018-B99% Chrome Test